Professionals of the fashion, sourcing and apparel production industry have joined their efforts in this new business venture to offer a solution to the perpetual concern of the retail world  :  Achieving more competitive and sustainable prices without compromising on ethical standards,  lowering quality and while giving better services


Our message is simple : “Transparency” is the new bottom line indicator & Strength of our business




LINK is the result of 25 years and several Billion US$ of senior management experience  with some of the world biggest names in the retail and sourcing industry. We aim to offer the most competitive sustainable prices and enhanced delivery performance while ensuring the highest standards of ESC, merchandising, quality & critical path management services.


We believe business is built on trust, we will earn yours


Our team is composed of sourcing, merchandising and quality professionals having extensive experience in successfully executing  productions for some of the main brands, retailers and sourcing agents worldwide. We understand your needs, your expectations and your requirements but we also know how to address suppliers concerns and limitations.


We deliver great service and enhanced performance


Our partners are strictly selected for their competitiveness, reliability and efficiency. They have all been successfully producing and delivering for many years for a lot of established brands and retailers  We have created throughout the years a supplier base that has been constantly competitive and performing generating sizeable growth in a mutually beneficial partnership.  


We  offer new competitive, reliable and committed partners