LINK is an innovative sourcing platform built on solid business partnerships, total commitment and dedication from serious  and experienced professionals.

Every retailer is constantly searching for new competitive sources that guarantee, ethical, social and environmental compliance, great quality and great fashion at the lowest cost. 

A lot of great manufacturing potential remains unnoticed:  weak marketing, poor network, language barriers …  Many fail to deliver jeopardizing future growth due to wrong interpretations of customers requirements and poor critical path management. 

Product prices are heavily influenced by the “Ease”, the “Speed” and the “Cost” of doing business. 



In LINK we speak customers “business” language, we understand their needs, their requirements and their ways of working but we also know suppliers’ limitations, weak points, and production hurdles.

Over the years we have perfected our systems and tools to offer a very flexible platform focused on sustainable competitive prices and enhanced delivery performance.

We will offer you a supplier base we believe that is among the most competitive and best performing on the market.

LINK is the way to discover the potential of a group of new competitive, reliable and committed partners that will earn your  trust.



Link Offers


Direct manufacturing in 80 productions lines for light and heavy knits with in-house fashion and graphic design, printing, embroidery, 30 lines for woven tops and bottoms and 500 jacquard machines for sweaters


Access to over 50 additional extremely competitive suppliers with great delivery performance record that will cover your product, price, quality and compliance needs and requirements  


We can also represent you in a country that has huge potential but to perform requires a professional presence and a team that will know how to manage your orders and deliveries successfully


Professional advice, project management, consultancy, we are ready to share our experience and skills with you on any topic related to sourcing and to help you maximize efficiency in your own sourcing structure

LINK is  a new sustainable and ethical source that we are confident can complement your existing sourcing structure whether direct suppliers, liaison offices or agents. We are committed to delivering a competitive offer, a great performance and service excellence in a professional and ethical environment. We are at the beginning of our journey, we are not the biggest and we don’t pretend to be the best, but in LINK we believe growth is built on trust and we want to earn yours.



“Transparency” is the new bottom line indicator & Strength of our business